Menu 2

Buffet menu 2 Valentinos Function Suite Aintree


All our food is freshly prepared on the day

of your special occasion

and only put out for service 15 minutes

before your stated serving time.


We will only leave your buffet to stand for a

maximum of 2 hours

after which time we will box up anything left and store

it for you to take home should you wish.


Once your guests have enjoyed our lovely buffet,

our staff will clear the tables

and do all the washing up, so you can relax

and enjoy your special occasion.


Included in all our buffet service’s

are all the plates and cutlery

needed for the amount of guests attending.



Menu  2 Includes:

Option A

Choose 3 from below:

Ham Sandwiches

Cheese Sandwiches

Mixed Cheese & Chive Sandwiches

Egg/Cress & Mayo Sandwiches

Tuna & Mayo Sandwiches

All above served on a mix of white and wholemeal bread


Option B

Choose 2 from below

Savoury Platter – Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Homemade Coleslaw – cabbage, carrots, onions, parsley

Greek Salad  – green leaves, olives, tomato, feta cheese, red onions

Mixed Salad – leaves, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onions

Mixed Quiche – ham & cheese, cheese & tomato, vegetable


Option C

Choose 3 from below

Cumberland Sausage Baps (24)

Bacon Baps (24)


Potato Wedges with Sour Cream/Chives Dip

Rosemary & Garlic Mini Jacket Potatos

Chicken Drumsticks Served Hot

(choose either: Chinese, BBQ, Plain, Salt & Pepper)


Option D

Choose 2 from below

Mild Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Steamed Rice

Beef or Chicken Blackbean Sauce, Oriental Vegetables with Steamed Rice

Chilli Con Carne with Steamed Rice or Chips

Chicken Coujan & Chip Cones (24)

Mini Fish Dippers & Chip Cones (24)

Mini Angus Burgers (24)

Chicago Style Hotdogs (24)



Should you or any of your guests have an allergy

to any possible ingredients in any of the above,

please let us know  at the time of booking.

We only use the best ingredients in all

our menus, many items are sourced

from local butchers and farm stores.

*Celebration buffet is priced at:

£6.50ph – minimum 80

This is inclusive of all cutlery, plates,

draped and swag buffet table and clearing service.


If you are looking for

Aintree Weddings,

Wedding venue in Aintree or Liverpool

and surrounding areas,

The New Valentino’s Function Suite

is a lovely family run venue

catering for every occasion including:

Weddings, Birthdays (18+), Christenings and Communions